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We have decided to create this comparison page where we reviewed the TOP RATED SMS spy on text software in the mobile phone software industry.


#1 Choice – Spy Bubble The Top Rated Product



On #1 We’ve placed this software called Spy Bubble. Compared to the other mobile tracking programs, Spy bubble has given us the best and fastest results (live/instant results). Another good thing to mention is the fact that SpyBubble was the cheapest spy software that gave full access to it’s many features, without additional charges.

Spy Bubble is a spy cell phone software program which has been designed to help people find out the truth about their child, employee, partner or anybody else by SMS spying on their cell phone activities.

This program works 100% automatically after the installation process, it’s undetectable and it’s 100% safe and legal to use.

This Is What Spybubble Can Do For You:

  • Track Calls. You can view all incoming and outgoing calls, the mobile numbers, frequency, duration of each call and the conversation itself.

  • Track Messages. SMS Spy/SMS Spying. You’ll get to read all incoming and outgoing messages, even if the user has deleted them. Find out who the text mates of your child are or if your employee is using the company phone for other matters.

  • Mobile Tracking. It’s amazing how you can also track the exact location of the mobile phone using Google Maps. That would definitely erase any doubts as to the whereabouts of your child or employee. Is your daughter really at her friend’s house? Is your employee really at home sick?

  • Access Phone Book. You will also be able to view all contacts stored in the mobile.

  • It’s Undetectable! You can do all this spying 100% undetected! There is no sound, icon or anything at all in the target phone that would tell the user that SpyBubble is installed.

  • SpyBubble Is Compatible With: Blackberry, Android, Symbian S60, Nokia, Bluetooth,Windows Mobile And Iphones. It works with any smart phone, whether it’s the oldest or the newest version, SpyBubble can be installed on to it.

This will let you track an UNLIMITED number of phones!

When considering other factors… paying the one time fee of just $59.95 isn’t really that much!

Think about it this way…

If you were to hire a private investigator… it would cost you $40/hour as MINIMUM… so charge as high as $200-$1000 an hour!

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#2 Choice – MobileSPY – Expensive!



On #2 We’ve placed MobileSPY. This Software has extra cool features if you’re willing to pay extra.

Spy Cell Phone Software MobileSPY

This Is What MobileSPY Can Do For You:

  • Call Log. Each incoming and outgoing number is logged along with duration and time stamp.
  • SMS (Text Messages) Log. Every text message is logged even if the phone’s logs are deleted. Includes full text.
  • GPS Locations Log. GPS postions are uploaded every thirty minutes with a link to a map.
  • Contacts. Every contact on the phone is logged. New contacts added are also recorded.
  • Tasks. All personal tasks that are created are logged and viewable.
  • Memos. Every memo input into the phone is logged and viewable.
  • Cell ID Locations. ID information on all cell towers that the device enters into range of is recorded.
  • E-Mail Log. All inbound & outbound email activity from the primary email account is recorded.
  • Calendar Events. Every calendar event is logged. Date, time, and locations are recorded.
  • URL (Website) Log. All URL website addresses visited using the phone’s browser are logged.
  • Photo & Video Log. All photos & videos taken by the phone are recorded & are viewable.

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Spy Cell Phone Software MobileSPY

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#3 Choice – FlexiSPY – Very Expensive – Recommended and worth the price.

On #3 We’ve placed FlexiSPY. The reason why it’s #3 is simply because it couldn’t compete with SpyBubble. Even though the features of FlexiSPY are outstanding, they’ve overpriced the software. You’ll have to pay hundreds of dollars a year… every year to keep making use of them. While SpyBubble only requires a one time payment.

Spy Cell Phone Text Software Flexispy

Spy Cell Phone Software - MobileSPY

This Is What FlexiSPY Can Do For You:

  • Call Interception Listen to phone calls in progress.

  • Spycall Listen to the phone’s surroundings when the phone is not in use.

  • SIM Change Notification Receive SMS when the SIM is changed.

  • GPS Tracking If the target has GPS, read the location coordinates.

  • Cell Tracking See the Cell Name and Cell ID.

  • SMS Logging Read the contents of all incoming and outgoing SMS.

  • Call History View the entire call history.

  • Email Logging See complete emails sent from the phone.

  • Remote Control – Control the spyphone features without touching the phone by sending undetectable SMS commands.

Spy Cell Phone Text - FlexiSPY

Spy cell phone software flexispy

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